Pro Golfer Enjoys the Hobby of Woodworking

Chesson Hadley is a professional golfer who is steadily advancing in his career. In 2017, he was named the Player of the Year on the Tour. This is a professional golf tour that is a rank below the PGA Tour. Golf takes up a considerable amount of Hadley’s time, but he doesn’t want to Read the full article

Mighty in Ministry, the Mighty Fortress Church

The Mighty Fortress International Ministries is offering hope and worship in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. It was founded and is led by the Bishop Thomas Williams. Reverend Williams has a well rounded education that suits him to lead this church. He has been in the ministry over thirty years. His credentials include being a ministerial Read the full article

20th Anniversary Conference Held for Cabinet Makers Association

After 20 years of operations, the Cabinet Makers Association held a special conference in honor of their two decade anniversary in Denver on March 1st and 2nd. To begin the festivities, a keynote address was given by Paul Downs of Pennsylvania’s Paul Downs Cabinetmakers. In his speech, he highlighted Google and improved methods of advertising Read the full article

Real Restate Expert Nick Vertucci

Millionaire real estate expert Nick Vertucci has real estate workshops popping up around the country. Nick’s students express how the inspirational leader’s teachings have given them financial freedom through the pleasure of working in real estate. Since its origination, the academy has become a popular education program. The real estate program is sought after by Read the full article

Roseburg Forest Products Purchases Pembroke MDF, Inc. Facilities in Ontario

As of the beginning of next month, Roseburg Forest Products expects to take ownership of several medium density fiberboards and molding production facilities currently owned by Pembroke MDF, Inc. within the northeastern part of Ontario. This will be the first acquisition Roseburg has made outside of the United States as the business continues expanding across Read the full article

How Neurocore is Using Brain Science to Help Your Depression

Did you know that major depression affects nearly 16 million adults in the US and that about two-thirds of those who struggle with it do not seek help? Why then, if studies show that many people achieve full remission, do people deny themselves help? It may be the preconceived notions surrounding mental health or that Read the full article

Clayton Hutson Reveals How To Start A Business As A Sound Engineer In The Music Industry

As a production manager and live sound engineer who has worked with Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses, Jim Roach and Pink, Clayton Hutson has embodied the essence of dedication and hard work. His passion and marketable skills have allowed him to evolve into a talented entrepreneur who has contributed to innovation of music and entertainment. Read the full article

Furniture Company Plans Major Expansion

England, a furniture manufacturer, has been making furniture at their plant in New Tazewell, Tennessee since 1964. The company was purchased by La-Z-Boy in 1995, but La-Z-Boy has continued the commitment to employ people at the England plant in Tennessee. In a sign that the US economy continues to expand, England and La-Z-Boy have announced Read the full article

O2Pur Leading The E-Cig Revolution

The rising trend of O2Pur and the E-Cig revolution (from early 2000 to present) has opened up a floodgate of opportunity for Investors world-wide. Large Tobacco companies have also recognized the high demand and growth potential that E-Cig products offer at a reasonable price with long-term financial benefits. Companies like 02Pur offer a variety of Read the full article

Traditional Japanese Carpentry Finds Home in California

A community college in Oakland, California has become an unlikely hub for traditional Japanese carpentry in the United States. For almost 20 years, Laney College has served as a center of traditional Japanese woodworking. This artistic achievement is all due to one man: woodworking teacher Jay van Arsdale. A farm boy from Kentucky, van Arsdale Read the full article