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Jason Hope: Things to Know Before Investing in the Internet of Things

One of the fastest-growing entities in the computer technology is the internet of things. According to a recent study made by the American business Journal, many companies have decided to grow on the internet because it is the position of the business is a dynamic world. For this reason, everyone has hope in the future Read the full article

Arthur Becker Leading The Way In The Infomation Technology Industry

One of the industry stand-outs in information technology is Arthur Becker, he has been involved in many companies through out the years and remains active in the field today. Currently Arthur Becker invests in NaviSite, Madison Technologies LLC, Zinio, and iMPOWER. NaviSite is a technology company that provides hosting, application management and managed cloud services Read the full article

Thor Halvorssen Takes on World’s Most Oppressive Regimes

Unlike the Thor in the movies, this Thor doesn’t wield a hammer or come from Asgard. Thor Halvorssen has roots in both Norway and Venezuela, and instead of a hammer, uses a variety of creative tactics to help people living under the thumb of some of the world’s harshest dictators. Halvorssen is the founder and Read the full article

How the Securus Video Visitation Program has helped families

For many years now there has been a call to reduce the gap between inmates and their families. There has been a campaign that proper rehabilitation should involve proper communication between prisoners and their loved ones. Securus Technologies is one program that has sought to find a solution to this. The company has created a Read the full article

OSI Group Is One Of The Best Food Manufacturers In America

OSI Group is a lovely company that has built its reputation on helping people order the foods they need for their cafeterias or dining halls. These facilities are looking for healthy food, and they may order it from OSI Group any time they like. It is quite important that each new order is placed with Read the full article