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Why Amphivena Therapeutics is Lucky to Have JeanMarie Guenot Leading

  In any business industry, experience and academic credentials have played a part in shaping an individual’s success. It is believed the more an individual has experience, the more he/she has higher chances of leading a company or starting a business. Through work experience, a person’s skills are sharpened thus become easy to read the Read the full article

Genetically Modified Trees Beat Blights and Beetles

Canada is well known for having a massive stock of commercial tree plantings, a fact which has made the country the de facto lumber supplier for much of the the western hemisphere. The northern nation produces many different varieties of temperate hardwood, from deciduous varieties like oak, maple, and ash to evergreen pines and other Read the full article

Ideas for the Best 18th Birthday Party

  There are many different things that go into a great birthday party including the theme, style and decor. Turning 18 can make these decisions even more difficult. You are still pretty young but you are now an adult. So what kind of birthday party ideas could you do?   A Grown-Up Party: You can Read the full article

Students Make Gifts for Veterans in Shop Class

Students who attend a suburban Pittsburgh high school have made a very nice gesture. They wanted to give something back to the brave men and women who have served in the United States armed forces. The students are part of a shop class at Kiski Area High School. They had the idea to make cases Read the full article

New Bamboo Beams Are an Eco-Friendly Building Solution

Old-growth deforestation is widely recognized as one of the most urgent environmental concerns currently facing the planet. The steady, centuries-long practice of culling large trees from tropic equatorial habitats has produced a noticeable deficit in these areas, with some countries retaining less than 20% of their original amount of forest covering.   This has had Read the full article