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Life and Achievements of Susan McGalla

According to a statistic, companies have almost 15 % more chance of succeeding if they have women leaders. Nowadays, we see many companies and businesses that are offering managing positions to female employees and encouraging the gender equality. One of these leading and successful women in the business world is Susan McGalla. She has had Read the full article

The Pawns, The Quincy and a lack of protection

Located near the Baritan River, The Quincy has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. From stories of theft, to shootings, to an alarming rate of domestic altercations here; residents can certainly feel a dark cloud looming over this apartment complex.   Known for its now infamous pizza delivery theft, where a Read the full article

How Technology Is Beneficial To Don Ressler’s Company

When people think about fashion, technology is not one of the first things that they think about. However, when one thinks about it, a lot of the reasons that clothes look the way they do in this day and age is because of technology. For one thing, clothes look almost nothing like they did a Read the full article

Amicus Therapeutics: Battling Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is an American pharmaceutical company that is headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey. Its shares are currently available on the stock market under the trading symbol FOLD, and the company has been gathering additional funding through venture capital firms. It was founded in February 4, 2002, and the company was established to focus on Read the full article

The benefits of breastfeeding:

The world is continually advancing and most mothers are also career women. Although pediatricians advocate for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and continuing even after weaning until the child reaches one year. Most women have found this to be a reality just on paper.   A report by the CDC found out that Read the full article

Brazilian Entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian businessman in the advertising company. His advertising career started in 1982 as a copywriter. As years went by, he ran a communications industry as well. According to, Alexandre Gama was the first Brazilian to be the head of a global network and he is the only member of the Read the full article

Ohio Man Starts a Woodworking Business

Scott Andres is a resident of Norwalk, Ohio. He had spent many years working as a cop. However, he found the job to be very unfulfilling. He decided it was time for a career change. He was not sure what career path he should follow because he was not college educated. Scott always liked working Read the full article

Why More People are Taking Up Woodworking

It can be difficult to keep yourself busy and engaged on a regular basis, especially if you don’t have some type of hobby. This is why a lot of individuals have been taking up woodworking as a viable activity that not only keeps their hands and minds busy, but allows them to create a plethora Read the full article

Greg Secker; International Speaker, Philanthropist, and Trader

Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur Who has extensive knowledge in forex trading. The businessman was featured in an article that appeared in the CEOCFO Magazine. He started by talking about his philosophy of trying something first and then thinking about it later. Secker said that he believed that one should say yes to things Read the full article

Developmentally Disabled People Are Learning Woodworking

Skidz Reimagined is a vocational program in Lebanon, Ohio, that is teaching the skill of woodworking to people in the area that suffer from developmental disabilities. The program originally started out with only one student. However, a few more developmentally disabled people heard about it and wanted to join a few months later. The program Read the full article