A Great Investor From Brazil


While Igor Cornelsen is currently enjoying his hobby of golf in the sunny state of Florida, he was once a great investor and banker. Naturally though, he loves what he did for a living and still plays around with money, teaching others why it is important to be an investor.


His career was originally in Brazil, where he feels is the investment opportunities are abundant. Brazil is the fifth largest economy in the world, yet many people do not think to invest there. One benefit he has is that he knows the Brazilian market likes to be highly moderated; therefore, allowing a more stable environment for investing. He makes a point that most people should note, stating that knowing the people in that area will help someone make the right decision to invest in that area. Communication and relationship building are key to a winning investment. Another key point that Igor makes on WordPress is to invest in multiple areas, making sure to diversify.


When he first got started in the business, he made sure to do a lot of research. He spent many years studying the business making sure to make the best investment. He has helped many companies. Before retirement, in 2011, he joined Brainbridge Investments. This company focused on long-term investments. His goal while there was to find new ways to use the stock market in order for others to be successful.


He focuses on stocks that are damaged from firms that had a short-term issue and not on companies that are perpetually damaged. This method of investing is uniquely uncommon and has allowed him to be featured on different magazines and television shows, including CNN.com.