A look at Michel Terpins career.

Rallying in Brazil has become one of the most followed competitions.The various rally circuits that take place every year have made the sport so popular that drivers are becoming recognized as sports heroes. One of this drivers is Michel Terpins, he is a driver in the T1 prototype category and one of the most consistent and successful in the said category. Michel for those who know him remember him from his days as a Cross country champion. In his formative years, he used to be a rider and was able to accomplish so much in a very short period rising from a junior competitor to a champion. His passion for speed and machine made him a natural champion. He would later be elected president of the Brazilian cross country championship where he served and helped organize the later championships. He has endeavored to, make the sport more friendly and in the process brought on board more competitors as well as sponsors, who0 are pushing the championship to new highs.

Michel terpins and his brother Rodrigo Terpins founded the Bull Sertões Rally Team when he crossed over from cross country. The team would see them work together and become a formidable team that would take place in the elite Sertões Rally circuit.It is considered one of the most challenging courses in the entire Brazilian rally calendar and has been known to attract the best of drivers from Brazil as well as other countries. The Bull Sertões Rally Team was able to draw the attention of MEM motorsport developers who would in future develop there rallying car the T-rex. This is a specially developed utility vehicle that competes in the T1 prototype category.The car has over the years undergone various improvements such as better roll over handling capability to ensure the safety of drivers. The T-Rex has also received an upgrade in its transmission, handling, suspension as well as the braking. The T-Rex is now one of the most reliable vehicles in its category and has proved itself in various editions of the Sertões Rally where it has finished various stages without encountering mechanical problems.