A New Woodworking Shop Comes To Wellsville, WV

Woodworking has been a very old craft and may not be a novelty to West Virginians, but there is usually something new to see at a new Wellsville woodwork shop that just opened. The store is Riverside Woodshop started by Brad and Ellouise Shirley, two people who’ve excelled at the woodworking trade. According to The Weirton Daily Times, most of their products are made from reclaimed wood of some of the most durable types including maple, white oak and cherry.

The Shirleys love history and Brad said he moved the business from his home to the downtown because he wanted to bring back a little bit of the way it was run in the 19th century. And the way the shop is run is a little old-fashioned as well in that they have customers come in and tell them directly what they want an order to look like. The Shirleys have handcrafted quite a display of items including wall decor such as picture frames and plates, living room tables, outdoor signs and they’ve even built a craps table that customers can see in the store.

The Shirleys also know that some people like to add a certain signature to the way a wood piece looks on a home, boat or other item either as a way to make something fit, or even just to remember something. The Shirleys also participate in a lot of local craft exhibits and will usually add certain themes to their pieces for those. Other times they might host short exhibits from the shop’s showroom.