A Woodworker Crafts Furniture from an Old Shipwreck

Many woodworkers are thrilled to use wood from special trees. For example, it is always a privilege to work with cherry, oak, or hickory. Other woodworkers love finding wood from old barns. However, have you ever stopped to think about working with wood from a shipwreck? That is exactly what one woodworker in Charlestown, Massachusetts did. John G. Dickey was sitting in a restaurant when he heard a mid-to-late 19th century shipwreck was salvaged in the Seaport District. He instantly knew he wanted to use some of the wood from the wreck for projects.

Skanska USA, a construction firm, salvaged the wreck. Dickey contacted the firm as soon as he could. Dickey asked if his woodworking company, Timberguy, could get some “crumbs” from the wreck. Thankfully, it was Dickey’s lucky day. He ended up getting the entire thing!

Barrels of lime were found in the bottom of the shipwreck. This allowed experts to determine Dickey’s ship probably traveled from Maine to Boston at some point in the 19th century. The ship ran aground and caught fire in the harbor. Land eventually filled in the wreck, and the ship essentially became buried treasure.

The ship was constructed of mainly pine and oak. Dickey quickly went to work and constructed numerous pieces from the shipwreck. One of the most stunning is a beautiful conference table. He also made a collection of pens, chests, and coffee tables.

Would you be interested in owning wood furniture made from a shipwreck? Let us know in the comments below!