A Woodworking Nomad Has It Made

Many people imagine a woodworker to be someone with a home and a large woodworking shop located in the basement or a massive barn outside. While this may be true for many woodworkers, it certainly isn’t true for John McGill. McGill is a talented woodworker who doesn’t happen to have a home. In fact, he hasn’t enjoyed a permanent residence for over a decade. However, McGill doesn’t view himself as a hobo. Instead, he refers to himself as a nomad. He simply moves from place to place whenever his woodworking services are needed.


All of this began about a decade ago after McGill lost his warehouse and living space in a court battle. He ended up crashing at a friend’s place for $200 a month, and he augmented that amount by walking his friend’s dog and building his friend a bar. The experience made McGill realize he could repeat the process in other locations. Currently, the 57-year-old McGill lives in an old building in the Columbia Waterfront District of New York City. He is viewed here and other places as an itinerant super, and he is able to pay his rent by using his woodworking talents to accomplish projects as needed in the buildings he resides.


McGill’s wandering woodworking services have allowed him to have some interesting lodgings. For example, he’s camped out in a nonworking elevator shaft. He’s also slept in plenty of garages and basements. Here, he often ends up using a few portable kitchen items and a cooler to make the place home. However, he also has stayed in master bedrooms by the beach and other posh locations. He also frequents the apartment of his ex-wife when she or his daughters need woodworking or repair services done.


McGill says he never worries about finding a new place, and he loves his independence. Living simply and living alone is his style. Do you think this could also be your style? Let us know below!