Adventures of Doe Deere The Lime Crime Genius

Maybe you have heard of her and her uniquely named line of cosmetics Lime Crime. Usually pictured with her face brightly made up with some of her own products, Doe Deere has certainly made an impact on the beauty world as an entrepreneur. In an interview with Galore Magazine Deere tells of some of her background and how she became such a successful young businesswoman.

The interviewer starts by asking Deere about her childhood and how it influenced her creation. Doe responds by telling the audience that she was a very creative little girl and was always attracted to color. Every time she had the chance she would use lots of color on herself whether it be clothes, make up or accessories.

When asked about her first makeup memory Doe responded by saying, “That’s easy, it was a slumber party with my two best friends. We were nine years old and trying to conjure ‘spirits’. We had some great outfits on: witchy, long skirts and ragged tops. But something was missing… I couldn’t embark on the ritual without my face looking dark and mysterious, like our clothes. I pulled out a makeup bag and began piling dark pink eyeshadow, crooked winged liner and brown lip gloss (also crooked) on all of us. My friends probably thought I was nuts, but I didn’t care! Makeup made the whole experience more memorable and authentic to me.” Doe tells the interviewer about how she was bad with makeup until into her twenties when asked about her makeup experiences.

Doe was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. She was asked by Galore Magazine if this was always a dream of hers. She responded by saying that she was grateful to be recognized with other very important business women such as Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.

Messing around with makeup helped shape her business into what it is today according to Doe Deere her many experiences and trying new things led to her popularity over the internet and with her many followers.  Shop for Lime Crime yourself on Amazon, or follow brand news on Facebook.