An Easy Woodworking Project for Old Wooden Crates

If you have a collection of books lying around you house, you just might want to start a little woodworking project. Why should you do this? The reason is simple. All books want to be tastefully displayed. For many people, this involves buying bookshelf after bookshelf. However, what if you could find a better way? Well, you can! You can use wooden crates to create stunning bookshelves in your dorm, office, or home. Check out how easy this woodworking project can be!


You will only need a couple of things for this easy woodworking project. You’ll need to gather a collection of wooden crates, varnish, wood glue, and wood screws. First, clean and apply varnish to all of the crates. Let them dry overnight. Next, arrange the wooden crates on the floor. You will want to vary the placement of the crates. This means some of the crates should be horizontal and some should be vertical. This will make your new bookshelf visually appealing. Use wood glue to hold the crates in place. You will need to apply clamps to make sure the crates stay firmly attached while the glue dries. Let your crates sit overnight again. After you remove any clamps, you can use wood screws to firmly attach the crates together. Tip your crates upright, and you will have an awesome bookshelf!


What do you think about this easy woodworking project? Did you get a chance to make one yet? Let us know how it went in the comments below!