Anthony Marsala Celebrates Success and Promises More For Madison Street Capital

During the 2015 40 Under Forty program, Madison Street Capital produced one of their professionals, Anthony Marsala. The program was started by NACVA as a tool to inspire professional growth while rewarding those who have made strides in different industries. Anthony Marsala was among more than 125 professionals who were nominated for the program, and despite the heavily contested session, he managed to emerge successful, thereby securing a position among the best 40 that were selected and honored.

The main objective for having this program is to call for professionals who have successfully made advances in their professions and contributed towards the growth of communities. There is an Executive Committee that is tasked with the role of selecting these professionals. The 2015 contest was unique since the judges were overwhelmed by the competencies that were presented for vetting. Choosing the best was a challenging affair that called for the inclusion of many considerations, so those who were honored must be highly experienced in their areas of operation, explains a Chicago Tribune article.

Anthony Marsala and his professional contribution
Anthony Marsala, one of the few professionals honored during the 2015 40 Under Forty program, is a co-founder at Madison Street Capital. He also performs as the Chief Operating Officer and has been instrumental in managing the company’s international profile. Through his input, the company has been able to expand its addressable market. Anthony oversees the professional teams within the company to ensure clients are served appropriately.

Prior to his career flourishing, he pursued Information Systems and Finance at Chicago University and later acquired his Master’s in Strategy from Oxford University. His professional career includes more than 13 years of pure dedication and creativity. Anthony has handled engagements in different sectors and his strongest areas include Finance and business valuation.

Exploring the Profile and Position of Madison Street Capital
As a market leader in offering services in investment banking, Madison Street Capital has been in the forefront campaigning in favor of maintaining integrity and professionalism. The company offers valuation services, financial opinions restructuring services and purchase price allocations to name a few. Most clients working with Madison Street Capital operate within the $10 to $500 revenue bracket and can make above 10 percent revenue annually from sales. Learn more:

The company also offers services that cover internationally recognized sectors like real estate, retail, agribusiness, manufacturing and construction. Madison Street Capital appreciates the middle market and helps companies to manage their operations by enhancing granular due diligence.

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