Arthur Becker Leading The Way In The Infomation Technology Industry

One of the industry stand-outs in information technology is Arthur Becker, he has been involved in many companies through out the years and remains active in the field today. Currently Arthur Becker invests in NaviSite, Madison Technologies LLC, Zinio, and iMPOWER.

NaviSite is a technology company that provides hosting, application management and managed cloud services at the enterprise level. They are headquartered in Massachusetts, but have offices throughout the US, UK, and India. The company partners with such giants as Microsoft, Intel, and Sun Microsystems to improve services and operations. These services include infrastructure hosting and management, full lifecycle management of business applications, and hosted email and collaboration services. Providing a full array of delivery models such as cloud computing, platform as a service, virtualization, and colocation.

Madison Technologies LLC manufactures and distributes technology hardware and infrastructure designed for cabling, networking, wireless and audio visual use. This is an Australian based company and strives to keep homes and businesses of Australia connected to the rest of the world. Their manufacturing brands are Garland Cables and Roadworx AV Cable, which provide coaxial, networking, security, telephone, data, fiber optic, and specialty cables.

Zinio is New York City based company distributing digital magazines across multiple platform. They provide over 5500 magazines from a variety of publishers. Daily more than 3000 articles are viewable through websites or apps on smartphones and tablets. Individuals can chose a single issue or subscriptions are available as well. Users can read on the go or can download content to be read offline if desired. Platforms include Android devices, Apple iPad and iPhones, Windows 8, or Windows RT.

iMPOWER is a London based technology consulting firm with the goal of improving lives through reform within the public service sector and built new theories for change. They value relationships and believe this is the way to provide best what is needed for advancement. This service will be successful when design, testing, and delivery are agreed upon and realized.

Through Arthur Becker’s involvement in these and other information technology companies the world is a much more connected domain.

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