Austin Business Journal Highlights Hometown Favorite

Status Labs has been establishing themselves as one of the top online reputation management companies in the world for the past three or for years. As more and more people find out that a solid internet presence can be a career changer, Status Labs will likely grow even more. While that growth is assuredly on the way, CEO Darius Fisher is currently enjoying the fruits of his labor. Status Labs recently landed on the Fast 50 List which showcases some of the quickest growing companies around.

In order to qualify for placement on the Fast 50 list a company will have to experience dramatic growth in terms of their revenue for the duration of a three year period. The Fast 50 is decided by the Austin Business Journal and it details companies based around Austin, Texas — where Status Labs has called home for years. From 2012 to 2015, the years that the ASB used to access their new Fast 50 list, Status Labs saw a growth of nearly 1,100%. Status Labs continues to dominate a rapidly growing field while further entrenching themselves as a local favorite in the Austin area.

Darius Fisher called Status Labs’ inclusion on the list “an honor” before going on to say, “Austin continues to put itself on the map for its competitive tech and business scene.” Fisher called their recognition by ASB reaffirmation that the company was moving in the right direction. Darius Fisher can be sitting comfortably because now, more than ever, it appears that Status Labs has established themselves as one of the premier companies in the vibrant Austin scene.

Status Labs offers services that are fundamental to anyone aiming to live their life in the public eye. Online reputation management can be the key difference between a company or individual who finds business success and the individual or company who ends up in ruin. We live the vast majority of our lives on the internet in some fashion so it has become more important than ever to capably manage the breadcrumb trail of information that we are leaving behind during that period.