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EuGenia Shea Provides Beauty and Opportunities for Women

Shea butter is used to solve a number of beauty-related issues, including dry skin, stretch marks and sunburn. Shea butter can even be used as a conditioner for the hair and is an effective natural treatment for skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. Since shea butter can give the skin a significantly glow and essential Read the full article

Kenneth Goodgame: Ready for Any Challenges

Kenneth Goodgame is the type of person that does a little bit of everything and in today’s day and age, you need someone that can handle more than just one thing. You need someone that is an expert in many fields and has expertise in many studies. That is most certainly the case with Kenneth Read the full article

Avi Weisfogel Does A Lot More Than Raise Money For Charity

New Jersey dentist Avi Weisfogel is all about helping people. Whether it’s charity events, music or raising money, Weisfogel is always there to help individuals who cannot otherwise help themselves. Last month, Weisfogel launched a GoFundMe page for working mothers in the New Jersey area. After reaching that goal, he did the same for the Read the full article

Eric Pulier: Innovation for Industry and Charity

You never know how much your heart can hurt until your child has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Our son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and we knew that life was going to be difficult for him. We gave him his insulin shots until he was old enough for us to teach him how Read the full article

The Excellent Quality of Staffing Solutions Provided by DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is one of the best privately owned companies that deals with IT staffing. Most of the owners of the enterprise are African Americans, and it is registered as a minority owned company. The IT staffing solutions of the firm are reliable and easily accessible, and they include IT staffing augmentation, direct contracting, and Read the full article

Highland Capital Management Gives Back

James Dondero is the co-founder and the current president of the Highland Capital Management firm which is a firm that specializes in offering clients with unique solutions for investment opportunities. All of the solutions that this firm provides are specifically tailored to each client whether it is for a small business or for an individual Read the full article

Dr. Jennifer Walden Knows How to Create Success

Some people have a unique method of finding success where others might struggle. Much of the time, these individuals are so dedicated to their careers that is easy for them to completely immerse themselves in those careers and find a level of success that relatively few have ever had the opportunity of enjoying. This is Read the full article

Sanjay Shah And Autism Rocks News

Sanjay Shah Denmark is an individual that has made calculated risks that have ended up making him a successful millionaire. Sanjay shah is the owner of Solo Capital; it is a company that was established in 2011. Solo Capital started because Sanjay Shah wanted to be able to work closer to home, and also he Read the full article

Adventures of Doe Deere The Lime Crime Genius

Maybe you have heard of her and her uniquely named line of cosmetics Lime Crime. Usually pictured with her face brightly made up with some of her own products, Doe Deere has certainly made an impact on the beauty world as an entrepreneur. In an interview with Galore Magazine Deere tells of some of her Read the full article

Online Firms Tackling Finance And Investment Education With Seminars and Online Courses

Jim Hunt, an investment professional that documents his stock and options positions via YouTube, has recently posted a video looking into his recent +13% portfolio gain. The increase was brought about by his investment in ProShares UltraShort (SDS), an ETF that holds a basket of bank SWAPS, which he made following a series of bearish Read the full article