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Gascon Under Fire for Hypocrisy

According to a sworn statement by Gary Delagnes, former head of the Police Officers Association, District Attorney George Gascon’s assertions that the police are unconcerned with diversity do not reflect the reality of his own stated biases while in close contact with the police department.   Delagnes, who is now retired, submitted a sworn declaration Read the full article

Charles Koch’s warning to Donald Trump

Charles Koch, who serves as the Chairman, and CEO of Koch Industries, recently held an interview with an ABC reporter and talked about the possibility of him supporting Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming general elections. His comments must have got Donald Trump to want to know more as to why Charles Koch said those comments. Read the full article

Diversant: Being Led By John Goullet

John Goullet is an IT expert. He has worked in many different areas of the field and, through this experience and knowledge, has created a very successful IT solutions and staffing firm. John Goullet got his start by getting a good education from Ursinus College. For a decade after graduating, he moved around to different Read the full article

Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners support Uncommon Schools

Dynamics Search Parters and the company’s director, Kieth Mann, have been teaming up with Uncommon Schools since 2013. In 2015, Dynamics Search Partners held a fundraising event for the non-profit netting $22K in funds, according to a PR Newswire article. The funds went to Uncommon Charter High School to help with standardized testing and other Read the full article

Get Help with Your Spring Cleaning by Hiring Handy

Spring cleaning is a troublesome chore that nobody looks forward to. However, it is something that needs to be done in order to prevent your home from turning into a pig stye. Therefore, you need to figure out what you will be keeping and what you will be throwing away. It is important that you Read the full article

Helane Morrison:An Inspiring American Success Story

Helane Morrison is a trailblazer. The Brooklyn, New York born lawyer and businesswoman made her name on the West Coast of the United State. After earning a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, she went on to study law at UC Berkley. While at UC Berkley she was the California Law Review’s editor in chief. Read the full article

The Effective Way to Manage Your Money During Retirement Period

Richard Blair was brought up in a family of a single mother who a teacher by profession just like his grandmother. The family spent most of their time imparting good morals to the society and many times acted as mirror specifically to the son and to the whole community as general. Richard Blair, therefore, grew Read the full article

Potato Messages

Just about everyone remembers the old pet rock. If you don’t know what this is, there was a huge business that was started, where a person actually got decently wealthy, from merely gluing eyes onto rocks, drawing faces and selling them as pets. While this sounds like something that is ridiculous, it absolutely took off Read the full article

Creator of iFunding Joins Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

William Skelley, the creator and current CEO of iFunding, has been recognized for his remarkable innovation that’s improving the world of real estate investing. He has been invited to join the exclusive association, Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. The organization includes others who have influenced the real estate industry through innovation, technology or service. Read the full article

The Manse on Marsh Offers Top Quality Assisted Living Facilities

The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA, on a busy street and the overall quality is excellent for senior assisted living and is very welcoming. It is an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are an apartment-style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities. The Manse Read the full article