Awesome Apps for Contractors

Contractors have myriads of tasks to accomplish before they can put up a solid building. Therefore, smart tools such as innovative mobile apps are a necessity to facilitate the construction process to its termination. They offer mobility, platforms for the creation of plans, and note taking among other functions. Here are the top building apps that a contractor needs for an efficient and objective management.


  1. SafeSite


SafeSite is the number one app for contractors with regards to construction site safety. This app was built to reduce occupational injuries and paperwork while increasing productivity and level of organization in the construction industry. The app allows contractors upload checklists, perform safety checks, and distribute the completed forms faster and accurately.




  • Provide alerts on safety hazards and follow-up solutions
  • Offer customized inspection prompts, checklists, and forms
  • Disbursing reports from the site to external involved persons efficiently
  • Weekly generation of automated safety reports with maximum compliance
  • Creating equipment inventory and inspecting their safety


  1. Fieldwire


Fieldwire is a planning app that best suites service contractors such as plumbers. It facilitates communication among colleagues in different plumbing repair sites. Fieldwire lets the crew view latest plans from the site and share valuable information like photos and punch lists.




  • Provides job tracking services
  • Scheduling and managing tasks
  • Project sharing and viewing


  1. JobFLEX


JobFlex provides contractors with an opportunity to create estimates efficiently without the need for internet connection. It is user-friendly allowing contractors to build custom materials’ list that can be edited remotely. With JobFLEX app, contractors can make payment invoices on the go and record them for reference.




  • Allows contractors to create estimates for customers quickly
  • Quick creation of materials inventory
  • Provide customizable formats for estimates offline


These apps allow contractors accomplish their obligations efficiently through immense planning and organization.