AWFS Fair is Going to be Bigger and Better than Ever

This year’s woodworkers fair in Neveda is going to be one of the best to date. The annual AWFS Fair is going to take place in Las Vegas between July 19 – 22. The Las Vegas Convention Center will sponsor this event and every serious woodworking professional and enthusiast should be in attendance.

The whole purpose of the event is to help woodworkers discover the latest technology, to find out about the latest developments and to hone their skills. This event will also help people to shop for new equipment, to preview live demonstrations and to attend educational session about various issues related to woodworking. The potential to network with other woodworking professionals will also be available.

There will be plenty of companies in attendance who will be showcasing their latest woodworking tools and machines. Woodworkers will also be treated with the latest developments in lumber technology. Attendees can also gain valuable information about other materials (such as plastics) that are sometimes used for building and designing items.

This event provides a really great experience for woodworkers because it allows them to engage with industry professionals and processes in different ways. They can definitely use this acquired knowledge to build up their skills with working in woodworking field. Visitors to this convention can also get out and enjoy their time in the greater Las Vegas area.

The AWFS is a great organization that works hard to improve industry standards and practices for woodworkers. They constantly work with woodworkers, companies and various industries. Their convention is considered a key gathering for woodworking industry leaders and professionals. You can find out more about this event from the Woodworking Network.