Bruce Levenson: A Lot More than a Sports Team Owner

Bruce Levenson is an American business entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a member of several executive boards. He is the partner and co-founder of United Communications Group (UGC). UGC was found in 1977. He is the owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. His corporate headquarters is located in the Centennial Tower in Atlanta, Georgia. He was also the owner of the Atlanta Hawks in which he sold in 2015. When it comes to board memberships, he is the director for TechTarget, Inc. and a board member for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Additionally, Levenson served as the president for the “I Have a Dream Foundation” of Washington, reveals PR News.

Previous Experience

Before Levenson found UCG, he was a writer for the Observing Publishing and the Washington Star. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the Washington University in ST Louis and his JD degree from the American University.

Ownership & Transfer of Ownership of the Atlanta Hawks

After the sale of the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson continues his other roles as cofounder, board member, and more. His wife and he have three children, and they have homes in Potomac, Maryland, and Atlanta. Also, he and his wife have been working on even more philanthropic endeavors.

Levenson closed out in selling the Atlanta Hawks in 2015. He sold it due to the significantly lower amount of revenue. It was sold to Tony Ressler, the co-founder of Ares Management LP. After losing a bid in purchasing the Clippers, Ressler decided a year later to purchase the Hawks. He retrieved this team with a $730 million bid. And even though, Levenson wanted a billion dollars for the team, he still made a hefty profit. Wanting $1 billion may have dissuaded other bidders.

Ressler’s purchasing group included the former NBA All-Star Grant Hill, Spanx owner Sarah Blakely and her husband, and the partner of Clayton Dubilier & Rice, Rick Schnall. The CEO of Altanta Hawks, Steve Koonin, and their coach, Mike Budenholzer, will remain with the Hawks under new membership. Also, this deal includes the Philips Arena’s operating control.