Woodworking Industry

How to Hire the Right Woodworking Professional

When you need to get some home projects done, it is important that you work with the right professional in order to get the job done. This is something that might seem easy enough to do until you realize that you can’t find anyone reliable to do it for you. The best way to combat Read the full article

A New Woodworking Shop Comes To Wellsville, WV

Woodworking has been a very old craft and may not be a novelty to West Virginians, but there is usually something new to see at a new Wellsville woodwork shop that just opened. The store is Riverside Woodshop started by Brad and Ellouise Shirley, two people who’ve excelled at the woodworking trade. According to The Read the full article

Plywood Provides Furniture Project Success

Building furniture does not mean putting pieces of particle board from a box together according to a diagram. As the ladies in the social media group, Ladylike, recently learned, furniture design and construction can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Furthermore, furniture made from grade A plywood is affordable and more attractive than kits. Grade Read the full article

Wordworking Fair Attracts Record Crowds in Ontario

Canada’s largest woodworking industry event launched Thursday at the International Centre in Mississauga. With over 5,000 attendees, the 2017 edition of the Woodworking Machinery and Supply Conference and Expo attracted 25% more participants than the earlier 2015 event. Over 200 companies were in attendance at the expo; they showed off many of their latest products, Read the full article

Nick Offerman Offers Vital Insight on Woodworking Tips and the Importance of Nurturing Interpersonal Relationships

Upon closer review, highly rated comedian Nick Offerman has more to offer beyond his hilarious jokes. Just like his counterpart Ron Swanson, Offerman is an astute craftsman with a round-the-clock wood shop based in Los Angeles. Upon first interaction, Offerman exudes an impressive persona keen on expressing the impact of technology in relation to self-reliance. Read the full article

3 Facts to Learn about the Woodwork in an Executive Castle

Living in a castle dictates a particular attention to detail. Castles get mainly associated with high profile individuals, especially people from a royal bloodline. Everything about their home is elegant and magnificent, including the furniture. For a royal family, three characteristics distinguish their furniture from that of ordinary homes. Lean back as I educate you Read the full article

AWFS Fair is Going to be Bigger and Better than Ever

This year’s woodworkers fair in Neveda is going to be one of the best to date. The annual AWFS Fair is going to take place in Las Vegas between July 19 – 22. The Las Vegas Convention Center will sponsor this event and every serious woodworking professional and enthusiast should be in attendance. The whole Read the full article

The Secret behind Successful Woodworking-Right Choice of Wood

The woodworking industry has become very competitive because it is based on innovation and creativity. The industry is introducing new designs on the market, and it’s only possible for the Titans in the field to survive. To be successful in woodworking there other factors that you need to consider. Research has proven that; one of Read the full article

Ohio Man Starts a Woodworking Business

Scott Andres is a resident of Norwalk, Ohio. He had spent many years working as a cop. However, he found the job to be very unfulfilling. He decided it was time for a career change. He was not sure what career path he should follow because he was not college educated. Scott always liked working Read the full article

Why More People are Taking Up Woodworking

It can be difficult to keep yourself busy and engaged on a regular basis, especially if you don’t have some type of hobby. This is why a lot of individuals have been taking up woodworking as a viable activity that not only keeps their hands and minds busy, but allows them to create a plethora Read the full article