Woodworking Job

Building a Snooker Table Requires Woodworking Excellence

Snooker is a very hard sport to become great at. However, it is impossible to become great if you do not have a snooker table that is built by someone who is a master at woodworking. You might not be certain what snooker is. It is a sport that is very popular in England. You Read the full article

Slides and Squares in Woodworking Projects

Woodworking allows artisans to produce furniture with innovation, function, and style such as the collapsible bookcase made for a Chicago office. Although made of plywood, the piece is intricately fitted and finished to appear manufactured from solid lumber. The use of a slide system allows the offset shelves to nest into one another in the Read the full article

Iowa Man Adding New Ideas Into His Woodworking Job

Woodworking is a job that needs to be done in the right location and have the right local demand to be successful with. But for Travis Murray of Cedar Rapids, IA, it appears he’s on his way to starting his own woodworking business after seeing some success in a side business he runs at the Read the full article