Woodworking Tools

Teak Wood a Craftsmans Choice for Lasting Beauty

When you think about creating a piece of furniture out of natural wood most people will ask for Maple, Oak or even Cherry Wood. If you want a creation to last centuries then Teak should be your first choice. Caring for Teak Furniture requires oiling to make it last. Ancient mariners have known for centuries Read the full article

A Woodworker Crafts Furniture from an Old Shipwreck

Many woodworkers are thrilled to use wood from special trees. For example, it is always a privilege to work with cherry, oak, or hickory. Other woodworkers love finding wood from old barns. However, have you ever stopped to think about working with wood from a shipwreck? That is exactly what one woodworker in Charlestown, Massachusetts Read the full article

Making the Switch to Hand Tools

It may not be as speedy or as precise as working with power tools, but woodworking with simple hand tools is quickly becoming a popular pastime. Hand tools have ridden the recent wave of new interest in traditional folk arts. Many craftsmen are choosing to toss their band saws and drill presses in favor of Read the full article

4 Essential Woodworking Tools

When you enter the creative world of woodworking, there’s quite a lot to learn. The hardest part is figuring out which tools you’ll need to stock in your garage. This article is for all beginner woodworkers. It discusses some of the very basic and versatile power tools a beginner will need to get started. 1. Read the full article