CEO Troy McQuagge Creating a Spark with HOPE

USHEALTH Group, Inc Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge presented a challenge for business owners and leaders across the United States called HOPE. HOPE is an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Everyday. For the USHEALTH Advisors and their agents, HOPE is the mission of their career as a part of the corporation.

Initially, the challenge and mission was set up by CEO Troy McQuagge Son back in 2010. He had been named President a few weeks prior to the company that was still a fledgling. Now. USHEALTH Group and its USHEALTH Advisors are a large corporation working across the entire United States of America with offices in every state.

The first project of HOPE was to help people after the devastation brought by the Hurricane Katrina. For that, many company leaders including CEO Troy McQuagge partnered up with the organization Phoenix of New Orleans. They rebuild homes in the areas that were hit the hardest by the Hurricane Katrina. Then they spread out and raised funds and volunteer to help in the reconstruction in the rest of the areas, including the lower Mid-City of New Orleans. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son.

USHEALTH Advisors continued the projects of HOPE in 2011 as well. Company leaders joined forces again and helped The Crisis Nursery. The organization is a non-profit shelter for children in the Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan area. They provided the Crisis Nursery with supplies such as shoes and clothes, baby formula, and more.

In 2012, HOPE donated to the non-profit HOPEKids Arizona more than $25 000 in the Phoenix charter. The organization provides support for families whose children have cancer or other life-threatening diseases. A year later, USHEALTH Advisors donated another sum going above $45 000 to the charter in North Texas.

CEO Troy McQuagge has said that no corporation will be truly successful if it does not have a soul. Business is about people and not just commerce. USHEALTH strives to demonstrate that fact as often as possible, and that is what inspired CEO Troy McQugge to introduce the project of HOPE.

The project HOPE was not only taken on by company leaders. Independent agents of USHEALTH Advisors have started taking initiatives and made it their mission to help their local communities. Learn more: