Children Receive Toys From Woodworking Club

Christmas is a time for giving gifts and making children happy. This Christmas will be very memorable for children who live in Henderson, North Carolina. This is because the Apple Country Woodcrafters decided to make roughly 2,500 toys and give them away to local children. You are correct if you think it would take a long time to make so many toys. The process takes all year. There are 170 people in the club. The toys are all made in the same facility. The club has existed for 30 years and needs monetary donations from the public to keep going.

Most of the members of the Apple Country Woodcrafters are retired people who have the time in their schedule to make the toys. The toys are given to local charitable organizations so that they can be given to the children who need the toys the most. The Salvation Army and several churches are among the organizations that have agreed to distribute the toys to local children. Rocking horses, cribs, cars and desks are examples of the items that are made out of wood.

Members of the club volunteer to make the toys because many of them did not get toys for Christmas when they were young children. Therefore, they want to make sure that these children have a much better holiday experience than they did. There are also some members who simply enjoy woodworking. They find making the toys to be a fun activity to help them pass the time.