Compassionate Care Cardiologist: Edward Honig


Cardiology care is a specialized field that deals with heart health. Many people get a little upset when they hear they should see a cardiologist. Cardiologists evaluate how well the heart is pumping, perform electrocardiograms, assess electric heart rhythm, treat patients with high cholesterol, diabetes and offer nutrition counseling.


In patients who have experienced a heart attack, they may advise anticoagulant therapy and monitor it with blood testing. They may also treat congenital heart malformations. They may suggest cardiac pacemakers to regulate heart rhythm and electrical disruptions of the heartbeat. They will fit a patient with a Holter monitor, which measures heart rhythms over a 24 hour period and perform echocardiograms to view the internal structure of the heart itself.


Edward Honig, MD, was a cardiologist, in Glen Cove, New York, who calmed your nerves as soon as he entered the examination room. Years of experience and thousands of patients show that Edward Honig was a compassionate caring cardiologist. Now, the successors, colleagues and former students of Dr. Edward Honig will try to fill his large successful shoes. Dr. Edward Honing was one of the top cardiologists on Long Island and assessed many patients over his decades of medical practice. His close bonds with his patients made them feel comfortable, respected and cared for. His colleagues and students plan to do the same at Glen Cove Hospital where Dr.Honig was the senior cardiologist for most of his practice years. He developed a report with patients that was enviable. His students referred to him as an old school doctor who would do whatever was needed and always take a call to help his patients.


Cardiology is a medical specialty that offers patients hope and comfort. Having a heart attack may be frightening. However, cardiologists comfort patients with a combination of compassionate care, the latest technologies and advanced pharmaceuticals.