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The USHEALTH Group is a healthcare company based in the American city of Minnetonka, Minnesota. Offering healthcare products and services through its subsidiaries United Healthcare and Optum, it is ranked sixth in the Fortune 500 companies list.

It was listed in 2011 as the company with the highest employee satisfaction in America by in 2011, J.D. Power and Associates of all self-insured health plans. A year before in 2010, it was awarded the readers’ choice for the best health plan provider by the Business Insurance magazine.

It is registered as a foreign company, not because it is an international company in the sense that it is not an American company, but because it was founded in a different state than the one in which it was registered. It was recorded in the Texan city of Fort Worth.

Through its subsidiaries, UH HEALTH Group sells insurance plans and supplementary products as well as underwriting individual health plans for small business owners and self-employed people in the United States.

They offer services and products such as fixed indemnity medical insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, income protection solutions, specific illness insurance, the convertible term of life and renewable policy for life, coverage for periods of critical illness and accident protection.

All these services and products are sold through their numerous agents spread throughout the country. It was formerly known as Ascent Assurance and only changed its name to US HEALTH Group Inc. in March of 2015. Learn more about USHealth Group:

It was founded and incorporated in 1982 and has been in operation since then, growing exponentially over the years to become one of the top health insurance companies in the United States.

The company provides clients with a comprehensive portfolio of health insurance covers and plans that would allow the customer to formulate plans that are tailored to their specific and unique needs.

With collective experience ranging from fifty years in the health insurance industry, they are regarded as one of the most innovative health insurance companies in the country, providing clients with affordable, flexible and affordable health insurance plans to suit their unique needs.

Bloomberg reveals that USHealth Group mission as stated on their website is to cushion consumers from financial hardships occasioned by sudden illnesses and injuries.

They recognize that the human body is fragile and susceptible to disease and injury, and hold very passionately that these should not be allowed to derail people from achieving their economic and financial goals.

Their plan is not fixed so that one cannot change them to suit their health insurance coverage needs, recognizing wholly that these requirements more often than not differ between individuals and different entities.

Everybody deserves peace of mind as they carry out the functions that their lives entail, without the unnecessary worries and uncertainties of unforeseen situations and circumstances.

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