Computer hardware hackers take up woodworking

Few people would conflate electronics hardware hacking with woodworking, but there are plenty of nerdy projects that require some basic knowledge of the craft. Some examples of nerdy projects that require woodworking include the Multi Arcade Machine Emulation project, also known as a MAME cabinet. Other such projects include restoration of antique radios, or building cabinets for amateur radio equipment. Ham radios may not enjoy the popularity they once had, but even though many people who would have become Hams are now computer nerds, there is still some crossover between the two groups.


Even though not every electronics hacker wants to take up woodworking, the people who do want do to these crossover projects should still understand woodworking basics. Hackaday, a site normally dedicated to modifying electronics to serve a new purpose, covered the basics of the woodworking hobby recently. The author of the article described his former workshop projects as “crimes against wood.”


Despite the author’s lack of woodworking skill, he admitted that knowing the basics of thecraft is useful for many electronics projects. His basic article covers how to use saws, nails, hammers and many things professional woodworkers learned as children. Many hobbyists know how to use these tools as well. The hardware hacker does not normally start with knowledge of any power tool other than a soldering gun. Hardware hackers who need to improve their woodworking skills should check out this article.