Contributions of Malini Saba in Empowering Women

The story of Malini Saba and her work is of great inspirational to women. Malini Saba is a top investor in technologies, oil, and gas as well as real estate sectors. We can say through Malini Saba’s philanthropists work in a country such as Africa and India; we recognize the role she plays in supporting women and children in the world. The non-profit organization, “Stree: Global Investments in Women” that Malini Saba founded in 2001 is aimed at shifting the role of women in the society and supporting them to become independent rather than being dependent.

Malini Saba was born to Sri Lankan parents in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia but was brought up in Australia in a middle-class family. At the age of 19, Malini Saba relocated to the United States. Just like most of us go through life struggles, Malini’s life was no different as she had to combine school and work to be able to survive in the United States. Malini’s work has earned her many honors and awards such as the Peace Ambassador, the Mother Theresa Award, Philanthropist of the Year, and the Entrepreneur of the year among others.

Malini as a philanthropist

The “Stree” movement has global recognition for its involvement in providing easy access to healthcare, permissible women empowerment, and presenting a forum where public policies in countries such as Central America, Africa, Eastern Europe and India are connected. The inauguration of the organization by the former president of the United States Bill Clinton demonstrates Saba’s importance and role in our society. The group has been very active in the developing countries through the provision of educational services and improved healthcare.

Saba’s investment profession began in Silicon Valley as a venture capitalist in the 1990s. The extensive experience that Malini had after working with over 20 technology companies such as Sycamore gave her enough know-how that was vital for starting the capital investment business. In an interview with ideamensch, anyone can learn from her desire to invest as well as her excitement of the commodity market. Learning is important for investors, and we can always learn from personalities such as Malini Saba who have extensive knowledge on market trends. Many years later Malini is now the Chairperson of the Saban Company and also leads in many philanthropist initiatives all over the world. The passion she has for helping women and children in conflict-prone areas has enabled her to travel all over the world trying to empower them.