Cotemar – Ensuring Reliable Services to Oil and Gas Sector

Cotemar is well-known in the oil and gas drilling sector in Mexico. The company has been in operation for close to four decades and has a huge fleet of modern vessels that are specialized in providing a broad range of ancillary and support services to the offshore oil fields.

It is a highly specialized task and operations that Cotemar undertakes, and it can do so perfectly due to the huge workforce of skilled personnel from the maritime and oil and gas industry it has. One of the biggest reasons why Cotemar has been able to achieve tremendous heights of success in the marine and oil and gas industry is because of its focus on quality and ensuring safety standards.

The company provides construction and maintenance of oil rigs as well and is an exclusive service provider to the top most oil company in Mexico, PEMEX. Cotemar has been providing ancillary and supports services to PEMEX for many years, and apart from maintenance, construction, and ensuring the safety of the oil rigs of PEMEX, the company also provides catering and lodging services to its clients as well.

Such comprehensive range of services offered by Cotemar ensures that it can retain its position at the top of the industry. Cotemar is a truly Mexican company and is proud of the fact as well. Cotemar has invested millions of dollars into research and development and expanding its fleet of specialized vessels that provide its services to the offshore oil fields.

Starting from the emergency responsive vessels to the maintenance, fire safety, and dedicated catering and lodging vessels, Cotemar’s fleet of ships offers host of facilities and services to its clients.

One of the biggest reasons why the company has been able to provide and maintain high standards in the quality of services it provides is because it does not outsource its hiring and recruitment. Cotemar has an in-house recruiting and staffing department that sources the best talent in the industry that meets their criteria and hires accordingly. Learn more about Cotemar:

Having the best people at work ensures that the performance of the company always remain top notch and that the clients always gets the best and the most reliable services.

Cotemar has divided its services to transport, maintenance, and catering and lodging. Cotemar is a company that believes in continually adding to its list of services as the oil and gas industry evolves and the requirements of the clients changes with time.

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