Couple Makes Money With Their Woodworking Hobby

John and Trudie Hechel live in the city of Plymouth, WI. They have enjoyed doing woodworking projects together for many years. They find it is a great way to spend time together. They started making various woodworking projects around 10 years ago as a hobby. The projects were fairly easy at first because neither John or Trudie were very experienced. Time went by and their skills became much more advanced. Their friends and family members started to take notice of the lovely wood items they were making. There were even a few requests from their neighbors to donate some of the items they made to local charity fundraisers. They were getting so many compliments that they realized their woodworking skills were now at a fairly advanced level. They decided to start a custom woodworking business where they would make various items for people according to their exact specifications.


They began by placing ads in the newspaper and promoting their woodworking business on social media. They posted pics of some of their previous projects online in the hopes that it might entice some people to buy something. Their strategy paid off in a very big way. The orders started to pour in. They found themselves making rocking chairs, benches and hobby horses. They soon realized that they needed to stop taking orders for the time being because they had more orders than they could handle.


What had started as a simple hobby and a way to pass the time was now a very profitable business. John and Trudie had to invest in a new computer and some programs that allowed them to keep track of their customers and orders in a more efficient manner. They both say that it is a great feeling to do something you love for a living. Woodworking is very relaxing for the couple. They agree that it is a much better way to make a living than working in an office with a boss looking over your shoulder.