David Giertz- An American Financial Advisor

David Giertz is an American entrepreneur and the current Ohio Financial planner. He has an overwhelming experience of 3 decades in the field of financing. Most Recently, David Giertz was in charge of the sales and distribution of Nationwide Financial Company. At the firm, David increased the company’s profits from 11Billion dollars to 17.8Billion Dollars consistently surpassing the Profit and Loss Statement targets.

From the year 2004, Giertz was the leader of the Financial Institutions Bank channel. Through his leadership skills, in 2009, the firm had grown and had a Wirehouse distribution channel. Also, during his time at the organization, the firm’s income increased from 1.5 Billion dollars to 8Billion dollars.

Before joining Nationwide Financial Firm, David was a Financial Services Advisor of Citigroup. Due to his hard work, he was promoted to Area Director, and later to the Executive Vice President of Sales. David has also worked with several community organizations. He was a member of the Budget and Finance Committee of Millikin University. At the University, he was the Chair of Board of Trustees. Moreover, Giertz is a company arbitrator with FINRA.

Recently, David Giertz talked about three ways that people could plan to have a great difference from the money they have saved for their retirement. These are:

  1. Always assess your financial health

He said that this was crucial because one will need to save enough, but also ensure that he/she is taking care of essential things. One of the important things was paying debts.

  1. Having a side business

He stated that having other businesses will ensure that you will be saving enough and therefore, will help you retire sooner.

  1. Having Compound Interest

He said that as one keeps on saving, the compound interest will be increasing, and therefore, when you reach your retirement the money that you had saved will have increased immensely.

David Giertz Holds a Master’s in Business Administration which he earned from University of Miami. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Millikin University.