David Giertz Offering Practical and Useful Advice on retirement Planning

David Giertz is one of the leading financial advisors who was the director of sales and distribution of Nationwide Financial. He helped the company increase its profits to a great extent since he has more than three decades of experience in the financial industry. Today, he is a successful business coach and travels around the world sharing his expertise with other businesses and individuals. Before joining Nationwide, he worked with Citigroup Global Bank for many years. While he joined the company as a financial service officer, he climbed the stairs of his career fast to become the Executive Vice President of Sales in a few years because of his hard work and passion.

In a recent interview with Veronica Dagher, David Giertz talked about the current trend where most financial advisors fail to take into account the social security income of their clients. It is a huge financial mistake that results in them losing a large chunk of their income once they retire. Since people are becoming aware of social security and its role in retirement planning, most individuals do not hesitate to change their advisor if they realize that they would not be talking to them about their social security.

One reason why most financial advisors do not discuss social security is that the topic can be quite complicated and would be difficult to make others understand. To avoid time wastage, most advisors choose to ignore the subject altogether. But, today, people take active participation in retirement planning and wants to be sure that their plan is realized once they retire. According to David Giertz, financial advisors cannot ignore the topic and needs to sit down and explain it to their clients and also its benefits. It will also help them optimize their income properly over the years and reduce losses.