David Giertz: The importance of Social Security

In the article titled, “David Giertz Says Financial Advisors are Failing by Not Talking to Their Clients About Social Security”, it states that the lack of communication between Financial Advisers and their clients that are reaching retirement age about social security is very detrimental towards their financial stability. Many clients have revealed that their financial advisers have not even brought up the topic of social security at all.

This makes the credibility of financial advisers go down and this can hurt the amount of retirement money received by clients that are retired or coming close to the age of retirement. The reason that David Giertz gives for financial advisers not talking to their clients about social security is that they don’t fully understand it and all the rules that come with. Most will actually find a new financial adviser if they see that their current financial adviser is not talking about social security.

David Giertz is a financial adviser with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation and he is a broker that is registered with FINRA. He has also been the Senior Vice President-Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance for the past 4 years. In a CNBC article titled, “These big mistakes will result in smaller Social Security checks”, David Giertz states that, “it’s more important than ever to… create a retirement income plan that includes Social Security benefits.” This is very important because many people that are retired are receiving less benefits than they were expecting to receive. People shouldn’t be expected to entirely live on Social Security, instead they should use it as a means to assist them with their retirement plan. https://about.me/davidgiertz