Dr. Haque of Horizon Internal Medicine

Patients new and returning all have nothing but the best opinions and testimonials. Providing his services in North Carolina for over 15 years in the Asheboro and Ramseur areas with tremendous success working with his patients. The testimonials of patients for Dr.Imran Haque clearly speak for themselves.


Dr.Imran Haque has completed the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Licensed to practice in North Carolina and a member of the Certificate Maintenance Program. With a complete, but continued education Dr.Imran Haque is competent in offering a number of services outside of a basic physical exam; Laser hair removal, 360 resurfacing, weight management, venus body contouring, Botox, and diabetes treatment are all practiced by Dr.Imran Haque.


Because of the many services Dr.Imran Haque provides he also offers laboratory and ultrasound in-office.


http://www.physicianus.org/dr-imran-p-haque-md-internal-medicine/Laser hair removal treatment will rid the patient of unwanted hair. This treatment can be done on almost every part of the body excluding the areas around the eyes because the laser would damage them. The amount of time laser hair removal treatment takes depends on the amount of follicles that need to be set dormant and the area they are located on the patient’s body. The laser uses heat to make the hair follicles in the patient’s skin become dormant so new hair doesn’t continue to grow after the initial removal.


360 Resurfacing is another cosmetic service offered by Dr.Imran Haque uses lasers to alter the patient’s skin. Improving on its color, texture, tone, and can also tighten the skin to get the look the patient desires. The skin needs appropriate time to recover during treatment leading to treatment being administered over several sessions depending on the area of the body and the amount of skin that will be treated. Resurfacing is typically done anywhere above the shoulders.


For more information on Dr.Imran Haque or the treatments he can provide visit www.horizoninternalmedicine.com