Dr. Mark McKenna: His Mission Is To Help

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor that is licensed in the area of surgery for the states of Florida and Georgia. He is the CEO and founder of a company called ShapeMed. It is a company that is a health and wellness practice. Dr. Mark McKenna was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

He graduated from with a degree from Tulane University Medical School. He began a very busy career balancing real estate with his dad and practicing medicine at the same time. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 he knew he had to give something back to the city he loves so much. In July of this year, he founded a company called OVME. It is a patient-centered and technologically advanced company in the field of elective health care. In an interview with Ideamensch, he talks about his life and what it means to be a doctor.

He finds that his recipe for success is a simple one. He gets up early in the morning and has breakfast with his daughter every day. He gets ready and heads into work at eight AM. He works during the day and makes sure that he has dinner with family every night. Finally, he goes to practice Jujitsu for a couple of hours each day and then gets a good nights sleep. During his work day, he finds a nice quiet place to meditate and process new ideas. This is how he believes that he has become the success that he is and more

He says that if you are going to become an entrepreneur a person should read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It helped provide him with the framework he needed to become a successful businessman. He says the key to having a successful business is this: You must surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are. In this way, a person can use new ideas in an innovative way to help people succeed and the business as well. With a balanced life like this, it doesn’t get much better for the esteemed doctor.