Edisoft Is Making Improvements In The Performance Of Supply Chains

When visibility solutions were first offered the main indicator for key performance was the measurement of on-time performance. Carrier score cards were reviewed quarterly while rail and motor carriers were measured according to type. The best practices covered the financial, physical, and regulatory aspects regarding the supply chain. Due to GPS data sets, real-time tracking, and the internet of things more data is now available to the shippers.


Supply chain performance is best based on a carrier isolated operation. International shipments take approximately 21 days and 4 days is the requirement for domestic shipments. The data evaluated for these shipments includes the functions of logistics, finances, and compliance. The accuracy of their data is critical for customs filings and document creation. This requires information that is complete, timely, and accurate with a synchronization of the time zones.


The data must start at the beginning of the supply chain and end with the finished goods being received. There must be data quality management and evaluation criteria to ensure success (YouTube). This additionally leads to a supply chain that is cost-efficient, agile, compliant, and more predictable.


Edisoft was created in 1995 to provide EDI solutions for small to medium sized businesses. These solutions were designed to be unparalleled and easily connect trade with the requisite trading partners. Edisoft had a goal of the development of a product to integrate the functionality of full-featured EDI with ERP software systems and major accounting.

Edisoft put together a group of experts in EDI and software in Toronto and this was the beginning of the extensive R&D program. This resulted in a suite of products from the Edisoft Merchant and a solution for EDI. They could work smoothly with the most popular systems for accounting.


Edisoft is classified as an international software company. They serve partners and clients across the globe with solutions for shipping automation, ERP integrated warehouse automation, and ERP integrated EDI. Supply chain performance is driven by USA Edisoft for both distributors and manufacturers.


The software solutions offered by Edisoft are fully configurable, scalable, modular, and flexible. They are designed to solve the challenges found within the supply chain. Edisoft has made noticeable improvements in ERO order integration, data for business intelligence, compliance, staff productivity, automation, and distributor and manufacturer reporting.

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