Eli Gershkovitch on a Mission To Craft The Finest Beer in Canada

Beer in Canada is almost like a staple food. Canadians are known to love their beer, and it is arguably the most drank beverage in the country. Most recently, the country woke up to craft beer ever since volume sales of craft beer became so high such that they surpassed sales of traditional beers. Craft beer can be defined as beer which is produced in small scale proportions and to the specifications of the brewer. Craft beer is different from the other normal beers as they are not produced in the big beer producing factories. Nevertheless, these small companies producing craft beer have since grown and are making almost equal annual turnovers as the mega beer factories. Again, their uniqueness, style, and pricing are some of the factors that have made craft beer so popular.

Individual breweries across the country are now producing beer for themselves and with their specifications. Craft beer in Canada has thus become very popular, raising its demand, not only in Canada but globally. For example, colleges in the country have started offering programs in the production of craft beer with the first being the Niagara College.


The various types of Canadian craft beer can include; Gluten Free-produced and drank in Montreal, Weissbier-light beer, which is produced from wheat, Porter- an Ontario native beer, which is dark in color and spiced up with cinnamon, and Stout among many other types in this drinking nation.


One person has been greatly involved in the Canadian craft beer industry is Eli Gershkovitch. With over twenty-one years’ experience in the industry, Eli opened up Steamworks Brew Pub way back in 1995. Today, the brewery in Gastown boasts over one thousand patrons up from less than a hundred when Eli first set up shop.


This was not the case up until when he opened up four years ago. The opening of his brewery cum pub now has a capacity of forty thousand hectoliters and operates at full capacity giving in returns of up to fifty percent annually. His client base has also expanded with tourists coming into Canada for his craft beer (https://ca.linkedin.com/company/steamworks-brewing-co.). Other countries where he sells his craft include; Germany. Hong Kong, Austria, and Italy among others