Eric Pulier: Innovation for Industry and Charity

You never know how much your heart can hurt until your child has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Our son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and we knew that life was going to be difficult for him. We gave him his insulin shots until he was old enough for us to teach him how to give them to himself.

Our family is eternally grateful to the Starlight Foundation, and generous donors like Eric Pulier. He designed Starlight World and brought it to 72 major hospitals. It is an interactive computer program that chronically-ill children can enjoy and learn more about themselves.

He also invented Starlight Diabetes. This is a collection of fun computer modules that my son and thousands of other children can learn about their diabetes. It is in a game format where children see how sugar and diet affect their bodies in a way they can understand. All of this ingenuity came from Eric Pulier and his research and development team.

I researched and saw that Eric Pulier has founded over 15 different companies and has helped to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for different projects he has either started or co-founded. He is a technology expert, entrepreneur, public speaker, columnist, and a well-known philanthropist. Some of the projects he has worked with include US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Akana, Media Platform, Desktone, and ServiceMesh. He also founded Enterprise Cloud Leadership, which later merged to form TM Forum.

Some of his venture capital funds include eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, and Trident Capital. He has helped a lot of startups in the technology and media field. Most of these have continued with financial success. Recently, he formed a partnership with some other famous people in the industry and will announce more about it at a later date.

Pulier and his four children live in Los Angeles, CA. He is a board member of a summer camp for chronically ill children called The Painted Turtle, and sits on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation. Our son got to attend The Painted Turtle summer camp last year, and it was truly inspiring for him. Thanks to Eric Pulier’s help, our family has a better understanding of juvenile diabetes.