Eucatex And Flavio Maluf – The Man Behind The Brand

Eucatex started in the early 1950s when the Sheet Metal Factory opened its doors in Salto back in 1954. This first branch of the Eucatex Group focused on producing, manufacturing, and marketing insulation and liners that were made from eucalyptus wood fibers. The company quickly evolved and today is an international company that works to fulfill the needs of many different furniture manufacturers, large industrial construction organizations, and companies within the packaging industry. Eucatex currently works within two different major sectors which are the furniture sector and the construction industry. To serve the needs of their construction industry clients they produce paints, doors, laminated floors, wall partitions and much more. When it comes to the furniture industry they are one of the largest suppliers of wood fiber plates all of which are made utilizing state-of-the-art technology and 100% eucalyptus wood.

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex and helped the company Branch into the successful entity that it is today. Flavio is a Brazilian businessman as well as a mechanical engineer. Aside from Eucatex, he is also the owner of two different feed brands which include Golden and Premier Pet.

Flavio is also a very respected businessman throughout the Brazilian business world. Flavio commonly shares his knowledge with others whether it be knowledge about the industry that Eucatex works within or tips on how to internationalize a company his expertise are not taken lightly by others. Flavio consistently shows that he possesses the dedication, drive, and knowledge to take Eucatex to the next level and maintain the values that Eucatex was founded upon.  Check out Flavio on social media, or read his blog for more insight.

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