Expansion for Lime Crime

Since Doe Deere, owner and CEO, founded Lime Crime in 2008, the company has been revolutionizing the makeup experience. The company prides itself on the impact it has on makeup wearers in regards to how it makes you feel and how you shop for that feeling. With its impeccable ability to set trends and standards, Lime Crime has become a cult favorite. Doe Deere has taken the social space on the internet by storm with her company and there’s no stopping in sight. The innovative company has now creatively launched itself into China where it has immersed itself into a whole new regime.

Expanding to Chinese consumers became a feat riddled with obstacles. The first of these being a mandate that required makeup companies selling wholesale products to first test said products on animals. With Lime Crime refusing to practice this process due to its vegan brand values, the only option for the company would be to directly ship from the United States. By doing this however, it meant that transportation logistics would become very complex in terms of regulations, taxes, product returns, and customer inquiries.

Furthermore, these obstacles were made even more acute with the newfound situation of counterfeits in China. According to Kim Walls, Global General Manager for Lime Crime, “[Lime Crime] found out that [it] had over a million units of [its] product that were counterfeit sold through marketplaces in China last year.” Doe Deere and Lime Crime were faced with problem of figuring out how to sell in China in a way that they had not done in the past.

The solution? Lime Crime decided that it would partner with Revolve. Revolve is an e-commerce fashion platform located in Los-Angeles that has recently began extending its reach into the beauty segment. When plans had been made for Lime Crime to partner with Revolve, Doe Deere and her team decided to direct potential consumers in China to Revolve’s website in order to build a ‘seed audience.’

From there Lime Crime approached social influencers that really had an affinity for the company’s products and values even if it meant working with slightly less influential individuals. Now that Lime Crime has brand advocates speaking on behalf of the company and its values as well as having partnered with Revolve, Doe Deere’s company has successfully expanded into China. Where will there innovative growth lead them next?

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