Fabletics Runs With Athleisure Styles in Store and Online

It can be hard to get excited about working out in dull workout clothes with monochromatic color schemes. Many women and men do not want to have to choose between looking fashionable and being ready to hit the gym or go out for a run. So when the two founders of Fabletics wanted to demonstrate how fabulous their new athleisure clothes were, they turned to actress Kate Hudson, who embodied the beautiful yet athletic style their buyers would love.


For Kate Hudson, it was a chance to be authentically involved in a product she was endorsing. From day one, she was fully hands on, reviewing the accounts, studying social media strategy, and spearheading communication on the product’s goals, membership, and products. She also coordinated many business services with the company’s parent, TechStyle Fashion Group, to increase social media and other marketing at a lower cost than going it alone.


Within eighteen months of developing strong consumer satisfaction scores, Fabletics took off. Product sales soared, membership grew to 1.2 million people and they saw retail growth of 644 per cent. That growth in retail, with more stores expected to open in 2017, means they are managing to flourish in an industry that has struggled to win out against the convenience of online stores such as Amazon.


Part of that success comes from re-imagining just what makes a high end or custom brand. Historically, those have been determined by price and quality. In the media and internet age, however, other factors like customer satisfaction, brand recognition, and exclusive designs have become even more important than materials and cost.


By creating members out of their shoppers, they have managed to personalize the experience for everyone who comes into one of their retail stores and as a result, while 30 to 50 percent of the customers walking in are already members, another 25 percent become members before they walk out again. If a customer tries on an outfit in the store, but chooses to buy it online later, it will already be in their online shopping card, ready to go. That’s a win for both the shopper and the brand, and has helped the retail stores avoid the pitfalls of online shopping.


Clothing trends tend to come and go very quickly. Many industry analysists predicted that trendy options like the Fabletics brand would not last the test of time, but the company stays ahead of the curve. It is constantly evaluating which products are most popular in any area, and tailoring production to keep those in stock. It’s a dynamic strategy which requires a continual stream of data, but it pays off when customers are looking for the next best thing.


With a fast scale, personalized shopping, and the ease of trying on in store and shopping online, Fabletics has been able to beat Amazon and other retailers at their own game.


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