Felipe Montoro Jens’ Contribution in the Education Sector

Under the management of mayor Marcelo Crivella, the primary objective of Rio de Janeiro city is to create forty thousand new places in preschool and twenty thousand new places day care centers for kids. This idea will come into actualization as a result of collaboration with Public Private Partnership (PPP). PPP will construct, maintain and provide non-pedagogical services of educational facilities. Under the able leadership of the specialist in the infrastructure project, Felipe Montoro Jens, PPP has been transformed to feasibility studies phase at the moment.

Felipe Montoro Jens states that this type of partnership is the same as the first public-private partnership which occurred in the mining capital of Belo Horizonte in 2012. Mayor Crivella is much committed to ensuring success in the education sector.

Under this partnership, International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is a bonafide member of World Bank Group, will provide consultation services for modeling the project. IFC is one of the largest and premier institution consultation providers worldwide. It offers its services to developing countries. IFC is committed to ensuring that they help their esteemed partners endure operational, political and financial challenges by applying their innovative thinking, financial resources, experienced expertise, and vast global experience. In the project, IFC has been contracted to offer its services at the cost of R$2.1 million as stated by Felipe Montoro, the infrastructure project specialist.

Public-Private Partnerships in Brazil was initially created by law 11, 079 in December 2004. It put in place general regulations required for bidding and contraction of PPPs. PPP is the best option for the government to use to fill limited nature of resources in the quest for the provision of public services to its citizens.

PPP contracting model is based on administrative concession contract signed between organizations in public and private companies. These companies are the ones charged with operation, development, and construction of goods and services to the public as explained by Felipe Montoro Jens.