Flavio Maluf Explains His View On The Latest Business Trends For 2017

The 21st century has been a great tie for many entrepreneurs, such as Eucatex business leader Flavio Maluf who has recently been taking a look at the many changes taking place in the business world during 2017. The evolution of many different aspects of industry has had major effects on the work being completed by companies around the world, who are often more closely linked despite the vast physical distance between them as Internet based business options continue to become the norm.


E commerce is a major area of excitement for Flavio Maluf as he explains the rising number of retail outlets offering products via digital platforms has risen by a large amount, including those who are willing to use various offers to improve the level of orders received on a regular basis; Maluf believes the use of free shipping offers will become ever more important as a recent study pointed out more than half of all Online consumers were willing to add extra items to their cart to receive free shipping offers from various companies.


Technology in all its forms has changed the business landscape in a way that makes it almost unrecognizable to the various forms of industry seen at the end of the 20th century. Flavio Maluf believes keeping abreast of the latest applications released to make life easier at almost all times throughout each year is becoming more important than ever before. Not only is it important to understand the latest technology, but the use of new technology is becoming ever more important as this can help attract the next generation of technology savvy consumers to any brand.


Not only is technology changing the way we all do business, but the Eucatex Chairperson believes the products being offered must also reflect the changing times we are all living in. Sustainable products are being sought more often by consumers who hope to assist in helping protect the planet from damage; a further area Flavio Maluf hopes to explore is the growing trend for beauty, health, and personal care products the Brazilian investment specialist believes will only grow in importance in the future. https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3