Gascon Under Fire for Hypocrisy

According to a sworn statement by Gary Delagnes, former head of the Police Officers Association, District Attorney George Gascon’s assertions that the police are unconcerned with diversity do not reflect the reality of his own stated biases while in close contact with the police department.


Delagnes, who is now retired, submitted a sworn declaration to the task force set up by Gascon to look into perceived racism and homophobia in the department. His declaration pulls no punches, recalling times with Gascon in which, while drinking heavily, he disparaged minorities and was part and parcel of the “good old boy’s network” that he now is accusing.


Based on Delagnes’ sworn statements, it seems as if Gascon is trying to win over another demographic while simultaneously denying his own place in the police network that he is now taking to task. According to Delagnes, Gascon had very little issues with the rank-and-file of the police department as it was run and regularly hired new police from a small pool of Catholic high schools, contributing to a “good old boy’s network” that he is now saying has no diversity.


His public statements are at odds with how he conducted himself. Based on Delagnes’ testimony, it seems Gascon’s political ambitions as a relatively new district attorney hold sway over the reality of his time on the force. Delagnes even mentioned a conversation he had with Gascon in which he told Delagnes that he would oppose Greg Suhr’s pending appointment of police chief. Delagnes said that this opposition would cause the force to not back his reelection, which quickly caused him to change his mind on the matter, highlighting his lack of integrity and overarching political ambition.
Time will tell whether these allegations will hold water and how they will affect Gascon. His rejection and criticism of the force has definitely brought up some skeletons from his closet, which could affect his career as district attorney and his reputation from now on.

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