Gates, New York Has Special Woodworking Sale To Raise Money For Charity

What is a better way to spend your day than to check out some masterfully crafted woodworking and do something good for charity at the same time? That is what you can get if you attend the woodworking sale at Hope High School in Gates, New York.

The sale is meant to show off the handiwork of the students who attend the school while at the same time provide them with the ability to raise money for the woodworking program that the school runs. Unfortunately, woodworking is not always seen as an essential program in all schools, so it often gets pushed to the back burner when it comes time to look at the school’s budget. However, the students love it, and it teaches them a variety of very important life skills.

There are about fifty students in the program, and they learn the value of making something with their own hands. It is particularly gratifying to them when someone from their own community comes upon their work and wants to buy it to help raise money to continue the program. That is the absolutely beautiful thing that comes out of an event like this.

All of the items at the show are for sale. They range from picture frames to birdhouses, and all are made from beautiful wood and with the hands of the students. The money raised will help ensure that the program is able to survive and thrive into the future. Thus, the more that the community comes out to support the students, the more of these types of shows they can have.