George Soros Joins With Democratic Backers For Summit

George Soros hosted a summit of democratic backers that has allowed the organized liberal left to come together after Donald Trump was elected President. The collection of liberal elites must decide what they want to do next, and they have chosen to make a run at mid-term and local elections. This article explains how George has been an organizer for the democratic party for some time. He is a wealthy man who chooses to use his money for the greater good where he can.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of A Summit?

The summit that was built in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington in a collection of people who may turn the tide in 2018 and 2020 depending on how they approach the electorate. Those who wish to ensure their districts will remain safe from the conservative policies that may come through due to Donald Trump’s administration. There are quite a few people who were involved in the meeting, and George Soros stood at the head of the table as he ensured that everyone was on the same page.

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#2: Creating A New Platform

There are several ideas that must go on the new platform, and George Soros will spend his money ensuring each piece of the platform will come through as it should. He helped create a platform that would help remove poor law enforcement officials, and he has ensured that many small PACs are created to help local politicians remain in power. The control of the left will come back as the local elections change, people come out to vote and the state governments shift away from conservative policies.

#3: Why Is George’s Money Required?

George Soros is willing to pay for the platform advancement of the democratic party, and he offers more than enough funding for the party to remain in control of congress in the future. He believes that helping people begins with progressive politics, and he ensures that everyone who wishes to follow up with such policies receives his support. His political contributions spread across the country, and they have shown that one or two people may offer an incredible support to the country’s political system.

#4: Transitioning From Hillary Clinton To Local Elections

Democrats must transition to local elections as George has, and he is leading the way by paying for a super-PAC that will help take down Joe Arpaio. He is not the only person on the list of those who must be challenged, but George believes that starting with corrupt police officials will help ensure the safety of the public from racist policies and policing.

The democratic party must regroup as it functions under the care of George Soros and his funding. He is a wonderful man who has committed quite a lot of money to the cause, and he will continue to do so for as long as he can. His plan to help bring progressivism back to America begins with funding a new platform built with his compatriots in Washington.

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