Georgia Woodworking and Hardware Store Helps Community Children Get Involved

It was Christmas in Kennesaw, GA on Saturday when local children played the role of Santa’s elves at a local business, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.


The employees at Rockler’s hosted a kids day where children were able to meet Santa and construct their own wooden toys. Kits were provided by the store, and children built toy boats and trucks. Phil Hynninen, a retired educator from Georgia, said woodworking is a “lifelong hobby” and learning to work with your hands is a “lifetime” skill. Hynninen attended with his 2-year-old grandson in hopes of influencing the boy into growing up to love working with his hands.


Store manager, Jeff Slaton, explained how teaching children to make things will boost their self-confidence and help them see the world from a different view. He went on to say that once you teach a child the skills to create something, the child will employ thinking skills to figure out more things.


While the kids were busy hammering nails, Nick Cook the woodturner was hand-spinning wooden tops. The kids were especially interested in his work on the lathe, so he took the opportunity to explain that it’s the most fun you can have with pieces of wood. He said the kids always like the machine because it operates quick and keeps their attention.


Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores have many locations if you are interested in their upcoming events, check their website out here.