Getting Betsy DeVos in Place to Right the Wrongs in Education

Betsy DeVos has proven that she has what it takes to lead as the Secretary of Education. She has been a philanthropist for as much as 30 years. In the early years of her career in politics she would work for President Ford as a volunteer. During her marriage with Dick DeVos she would also work as a fundraiser with her husband for campaigning. All of these things could make it possible for her to get engaged in politics. It would simply be a natural pick when she was selected by Donald Trump to be placed in the position as the Secretary of Education.

There certainly are a lot of people that have eyes on Betsy DeVos now that she has gained this position, but I think that she is fine with her role. She will not crack under the pressure. What Betsy DeVos has done over the years is give millions to education, and this proves that there is a passion for this. During her lifetime she has done more for education that most philanthropists ever will. Check this related article from New York Post.

Betsy DeVos knows that there is a wide spectrum in the education system. She is well aware that poverty is in the midst of all the trouble that has evolved in education. That is why Betsy DeVos is a fan of education reform. That is charter schools have become popular. People are beginning to see that this is one of the best ways for under privileged children to get a decent education. Betsy has become an advocate of the school vouchers, and all of this is a big part of her plan to improve education.

There are many things that Betsy DeVos is doing to make staff members much more accountable for their actions. She is looking into better education opportunities for people that have special needs. There are a lot of people that are going to appreciate the extra mile that Betsy DeVos goes when she takes on this role as the Secretary of Education.

She launched the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation with her husband in 1989. She has been getting kids in a place where they can experience art and a high level of education among the basics. DeVos is an American businesswoman that has been able to create opportunities for others. Betsy is the 11th Secretary of Education, and I believe that she will be one of the greatest. She is a billionaire republican that has given more than a billion to education with her family. I think that this type of philanthropy speaks volumes. It shows that she is someone that is passionate about the education system. That shows that she is willing to right the wrongs.

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