Greg Secker’s Journey to a Successful Forex Business

When it comes to greater achievements, Greg Secker happens to be one of those guys who charted their career paths while they were still young. He happens to be the owner of the worlds leading forex company across Europe and has been on the frontline helping so many people become traders. His desire to achieve in life has been awesome and he has always worked for his way up the sky. He also happens to be the founder of the famous Greg Secker Foundation. The organization happens to have been a non-governmental organization which has helped so many in the society earn a better living. He has been on the frontline helping them become great entrepreneurs.

Greg Secker started his career at the famous Thomas Cook Financial Services whereby he had been employed as a software developer. He worked tirelessly for the achievements of the company through helping them develop a trading software for foreign currency. That is when he first saw how trading platforms looks like and he started watching great forex traders execute their trades. Greg Secker worked tirelessly trying to update himself on the developments in the forex business. He joined Virtual Trading desk and later became the Vice president of Mellon Financial Services. As the vice president, he started learning various forex winning strategies by following what leading traders used to do.

Greg Secker developed his own strategies and started his own trading account. It grew within a period of very few years until he became a great giant in the industry. He decided to start trading independently from his own house and left Mellon Financial Services. He traded alone successfully and became a great multi-millionaire. That is when he decided to inspire other people to become entrepreneur’s or rather great traders and he decided to form his own forex trading companies. He opened Knowledge to Action group which was the company that he used to train several people across the globe. After several years in the business, he had managed to train over 200,000 potential forex traders and was able to own the largest forex training companies in Europe.