Grow Your Dental Business Using Collaborative Practice Diversification

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental service management company. It assists affiliated dentists by offering non-clinical business services enabling them to focus on improving patient care.

Their business-to-business services include human resource management and recruiting, marketing, accounting, and finance, IT and technology, billing and collections, procurement, business development, compliance, and training.

The dental industry is under strict regulation and there is great pressure to offer affordable and sustainable services. On the other hand, a dental practice is a capital-intensive investment.

It, therefore, becomes important to get into affiliate partnerships to grow a sustainable business while staying compliant and certified. MB2 runs the dental office operations allowing the dentist to focus on service delivery and growth.

According to White Pages, MB2 Dental encourages diversification of dental practices by offering owners incentives to open more than one practice in order to limit the effects of risk exposure. Another way to mitigate against dental investment risks is to offer more services at any given practice.

MB2 offers business development strategies and customer retention techniques. This enables dentists to reduce their outbound referrals to specialist service providers by increasing their specialty offerings within their practices growing the business.

There are many key benefits of diversifying the dental practice to become a multi-specialty service. It ensures patients complete fully monitored treatments. It speeds up treatment options enabling savings on time and supplies.

It opens up business opportunities, as you no longer have outbound referrals. It differentiates your practice by enabling you to offer a one-stop shop for all clinical dentistry services. It enables networking and access to like-minded collaborative partners accelerating growth.

In addition to reducing outbound referrals, specialty services become more readily available as dentists can take on extra training to handle them or engage other affiliate dentists economically keeping the business in-house. Read more: Leadership Team | MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental footprint is in six states with over 70 affiliated locations. Dental offices carrying the MB2 affiliation deliver independence, mentorship and peer support, business growth opportunities and increased compensation.

It employs strict evaluation of dentists and healthcare professionals to match them with the correct affiliate dental office. MB2 offers growth opportunities while minimizing exposure, a key consideration for business owners.